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[北京] 招聘-外企-测试开发

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    1. Design and create test plans. Designdocument and execute test cases
    2. Deeply understand user flows and buildtest suites to match;
    3. Work directly with development team during planning phases to helpprioritize bug fixes and escalate critical issues as needed;
    4. Proficient in scripting, e.g. Java,Python;

    1. Bachelor degree or above in ComputerScience or related major;
    2. At least 3 years of test experience for web / internet / Mobile orientedproducts;
    3. Have the experience of automation work with Selenium, Appium, Watir, QTP orother automation tools;
    4. Familiar with HTTP, HTML, Javascript, Linux commands;
    5. Strong understanding of QA methodology and the Software DevelopmentLife-cycle;
    6. Android, iOS or other mobile applicationdevelopment or testing is plus;
    7. Good communication skills and team workspirit;
    8. Good English at reading and writing.
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