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【推荐原文】How tech giants test software: There's no one way for QA

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    原文作者:Bas Dijkstra

    Teams and organizations looking to get serious about (or to further improve) their software testing efforts can learn something from looking at how the "big boys" organize their testing and quality assurance activities. It stands to reason that companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon would not be as successful as they are without paying proper attention to the quality of the products they're releasing into the world.

    But a look at these software giants reveals that there is no one single recipe for success. Here is how five of the world's best-known tech companies organize their QA and what you can learn from them.

    Google: Searching for best practices
    How does the company responsible for the world's most widely used search engine organize its testing efforts? It depends on the team and the product. The team responsible for the Google search engine itself, for example, maintains a large and rigorous testing framework. Since search is Google's core business, the team wants to make sure that it keeps delivering the highest possible quality, and that it doesn't screw it up.

    To that end, Google employs a four-stage testing process for changes to the search engine, consisting of:

    1、Testing by dedicated, internal testers (Google employees)
    2、Further testing on a crowdtesting platform
    3、"Dogfooding," which involves having Google employees use the product in their daily work
    4、Beta testing, which involves releasing the product to a small group of Google product end users
    Even though this seems like a solid testing process, ex-Google director James Whittaker explains in this video that there is room for improvement, if only because communication between the different stages and the people responsible for them is suboptimal (leading to things being tested either twice over or not at all).

    But the teams responsible for Google products that are further away from the company's core business employ a much less strict QA process. In some cases, the only testing is done by the developer responsible for a specific product, with no dedicated testers providing a safety net.

    In any case, Google takes testing seriously. In fact, testers' and developers' salaries are equal, something you don't see everywhere.

    More details about testing at Google can be found on the Google Testing Blog.


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