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[资料] Location of Program Files



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The LoadRunner installation program adds files in Program Files, Windows folder, and the Windows Registry that are NOT removed during un-installation.

If you get a "License violation" message, you need to get from Mercury support a one-day license key to install with.

By default, different versions of LoadRunner are installed to different parts of your hard disk:

LoadRunner 8.1 executable files are installed to file path
"C:\Program Files\Mercury\LoadRunner\bin"

LoadRunner 8.0 "stutters" when it installs to its default file path
"C:\Program Files\Mercury Interactive\Mercury LoadRunner\bin"

Note: Even though 8.0 uses a different folder, folders created by previous versions still need to be removed before its installation.

LoadRunner 7.8 executable files are installed to file path
"C:\Program Files\Mercury Interactive\LoadRunner\bin"

When working with Java, instead of overridding these default installation folder to a path without spaces (such as C:\LR78) as recommended by  KB article 11878, just use the equivalent DOS 8.3 file names:

For LoadRunner 8.1: C:\PROGRA~\MERCUR~1\LoadRunner\lib
For LoadRunner 8.0: C:\PROGRA~\MERCUR~1\MERCUR~1\lib

To quickly get at this LoadRunner installation folder, create an environment variable named "LR81" so you can use a quick command such as

cd %lr81%

To get at this folder quickly, I created a batch file named "L.bat" in the cmd's default C:\ root folder containing this:

cd \Program Files\Mercury\LoadRunner\bin

I created a shortcut to this file on my desktop and dragged it over Windows  so that I can click into that folder from anywhere. The pause command ensures that the command window does not disappear automatically. Alternately, from within a command window I can just type "L" and press Enter.

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