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[浙江] 【MicroStrategy微策略】N多职位内推



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要求: 有TechSupport 相关工作经验,英语流利,良好的沟通和分析能力。

Support Engineer
https://jobs.smartrecruiters.com ... ineer?internal=true

Job Duties (include but not limited to):
· Provide complex and challenging support for MicroStrategy’s Business Intelligence product suite and its underlying technologies
· Develop strong relationships with MicroStrategy customers and partners through daily interactions during customer project development and production system maintenance
· Find creative and sophisticated solutions to problems reported while using MicroStrategy’s product suite through analytical talent and strong troubleshooting abilities
· Work in a strong team environment to provide unparalleled support to customers in a wide variety of industries
· Prioritize and communicate product defects and enhancements to development teams
· Contribute to research and growth of the MicroStrategy Knowledge Base by creating customer-facing documentation of all technical solutions and product documentation addendums
· Enhance personal and professional growth by participating in Internal Training Programs, which offer a five-week technical orientation program as well as weekly training seminars for all team members

Job Qualifications:
· Bachelor’s degree, preferably in a technical field (Engineering, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, etc.)
· Strong technical and analytical skills
· Excellent communication skills
· Java, Visual Basic, HTML, XML/XSL, ASP, SQL technologies are a plus
· Database (SQL, RDBMS) knowledge is a plus
· Customer service experience is a plus

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