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[北京] Urgent: sr. software tester in Beijing



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MAIL: hr@iqstor.com.cn
Sr. Software Tester
Job Description       
To provide QA service for BTC software products and documents.
-Working closely with iQstor Dev group and PS team in America and China to deliver software bundles.
-Test the software products, and help clients in bug fixing, manage the packaging process.
-Problems identification and investigation.
-Test tool development, automation script development.
-Test environment set up, test case execution, CR follow-up, test result report.
-Interoperability test with products from 3rd parties
-Provide the support to marketing and trail team for technical issues.
-BS degree, major in Computer Science or Engineering related area.
-Solid knowledge of Software Engineering Testing methods and process.
-1 - 3 years of practical working experience in software testing and packaging.
-UNIX or DBMS administration skills are required, preferred with certificates from SUN, Oracle, Microsoft etc.
-Experience in script programming is a plus.
-Develop Test Plan and execute all test cases within the allocated test execution schedule.
-Good verbal and written communication in English.
-Knowledge and experience in storage/backup areas is preferred.
-A quick learner with strong desire to learn and excel.
-Excellent interpersonal and problem solving skills.
美国iQstor 网络有限公司北京分公司
Based in southern California, iQstor is a SAN storage solution provider that delivers a wide range of enterprise level data service features including storage virtualization, snapshot, mirroring, remote replication, and policy-based storage provisioning affordable for the small and mid-size market, enabling storage administrators to benefit from greater ease of integration and improved cost-efficiencies as they manage their storage growth requirements.
Right now, iQstor Beijing Technology Center (BTC) is looking for people who want to put his/her talents into networking storage and grow with us. iQstor offers competitive benefits and compensation.

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发表于 2005-8-12 11:54:40 | 显示全部楼层
How about the salary?

You require "Test tool development, automation script development", you mean the man should develope the test tool acording the product, or just write some automation script just like use WinRunner or LoadRunner?
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