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Learning Software Testing-1+历届整合贴-未完待续

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What is a bug?什么是缺陷
Terms for Software Failures 软件缺陷的术语
Depending on (根据)where you're employed(受雇于) as a software tester,you will use different terms(术语) to describe(描述) what happens when software fails.
Here are a few:
Defect 缺陷Variance偏差
Fault 谬误    Failure失败(宕机)
Problem问题   Inconsistency矛盾
Incident 毛病 Bug 漏洞,缺陷
You might be amazed(使惊奇) that so many names could be used to describe a software failure.Because it's really based on(根据) the company's culture and the process(过程、做事方法) the company uses to develop its software.
Fault,failure,and defect tend to(倾向) imply(说明) a condition that really severe(严重),maby even dangerous(危险).It doesn't sound well.These words also tend to imply blame(指责):"It's his fault that the software failed"

Anomaly(异常),incident,and variance don't sound quite so negative(消极) and are often used to infer unintended(非计划的,无意的)rather than(而不是)all-out (全盘)failure.

Problems,error,and bug are probably the most generic(常用的)terms used.
Although your team may choose a different name,but in fact ,there's no reason to dice(挑选) words.A bug's a bug's a bug.他就是bug,bug,bug。

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此贴目的在于让喜欢测试,又喜爱英文的童鞋将软件测试与English有机结合,相互促进,相互繁荣。共同进步,走 ...
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Anomely 是不是写错了哦?

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恩 是的呢。。因为我是手打的。。。

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回复 3# yuna4217

恩 是的呢。。因为我是手打的。。。

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Firstly, congratulate our Geiler as moderator here.
Let's practise professional English for testing area.
I just add one term for this topic:


As you know, exception is usually used in scripts or codes. Developers need to write exception for the sake of program/produce/system stability and robustness.

And here is one test knowledge for defect and bug.
As we all know, testers always submit issues as bug. But sometimes they're not bugs, only defects. So, how about distinguish those two words?
Defect is just like some issues couldn't be implemented perfect or out of scope, which means can pass the case but maybe better for specific model.
Bug is real issue found by tester, it can wrong logic, or couldn't be implemented as designed, or something else maybe lead to system crash / down.

So if our testers can use proper words to describe problems and issues, maybe we can get along with developers friendly.

Above is my personal idea. Just for advice.~

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    Oh~Thank you for your advice.It means a lot .

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thank you for your article!

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Hi Geiler, Do you mind leaving your contact way such as mailbox etc, I would like to discuss with you about issues related to software testing, thanks.

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Hi Geiler, Do you mind leaving your contact way such as mailbox etc, I would like to discuss with you about issues related to software testing, thanks.

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Thx for sharing, some may helpful.:loveliness:

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